Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Texas Vacation, the outbound trip

IMG_0988Shanna and I left Pocatello and drove to the Salt Lake City Airport. We had to park in long term parking, since we would be gone for a week. I was impressed with the size of this lot. We got out and talking and I was slightly flustered we headed to a nearby pick=up point for the shuttle service. It was only when we were on the shuttle and far from the car that I realized that I might not have locked the car. ARRRRGH. Once offloaded at the airport I took a break then left Shanna with our bags and took the shuttle back out to check on the car. I just knew that I’d stress myself sick if I didn’t check and we had more than enough time. And yes, habit had made me lock the doors so it was a false alarm.   *sigh*

 So I got back to the airport and we moved right through all of the processes. Since we had time to kill we stopped for lunch at a good Italian restaurant (Il Viaggio) inside the airport. I did the usual of chicken alfredo and Shanna tried the carbonarra.

On the plane, I tried to listen to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but I'm so used to listening to books via Audible at higher speeds that the slow speaking narrator Michael York was an impossibility.  I ended up listening to music and playing on my iPad. Shanna too had her headphones on.

Bluebeary the blue bear was a resident of Bozeman till Shanna came along and gifted him to me. He became our travelling companion and photographic subject, thereby negating the need for photos of us.

 We got lucky on the plane and though I had purchased two tickets we ended up with three seats. I’m sure Bluebeary appreciated it. Melinda picked us up at the airport and we went out and feasted at Applebees. Got to Italy TX and the comforts of my parents home that night at 9:30 p.m.


P.S. I kind of hate all blogging software. I've spent most of the past two hours trying to get the formatting to do what I want it to do.  It doesn't seem to matter that it looks right in the editor, once published it gets fricked up.  I'm quite mad at this and am contemplating tossing the whole effort.  Argh. 

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